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Global Menace

     For those of you who are not familiar with Global Menace, they are a rap duo originally from Wheeling, WV, composed of Thomas Okel, who goes by "Okel" and Nick Kinyanjui aka "96 Sins". The group is bringing a new sound to the game, combining rap, trap, and electronic elements to create a vocal & bass driven, in your face experience. The culmination of these sounds forming one cohesive genre I like to refer to as "Trip-hop".

Though both members rap, Okel is the lead vocalist, turning lyrics into brush strokes as he paints eerily vivid pictures in your mind that can linger for hours. 96 Sins is the producer of the duo, who’s talent bares a striking resemblance to that of a young Kanye West on the boards. 96 is also quite the rapper, as heard on “Plates”, consistently laying down bars you catch yourself mumbling around the house. 

Have A Good Day Album


Having already listened to the album several dozen times, I can personally assure you this project is a master-level piece of art. The album consist of 11 songs, no skips and a perfect balance of bangers to vibes. So far, my personal stand-out favorites are Frequency, Joker, Joy in the Pain, and Have A Good Day, but it was difficult to even narrow it down to a top four. Though we've already released visuals for "Thin Ice", and "Out Here", we plan on slowly dropping at least two more full videos and another visualizer or two. 

Frequency Visualizer

Have A Good Day Visualizer

After having a lot of positive feedback from the first album, and solid streaming numbers to back it up, we wanted to approach the release of Have a Good Day a little more seriously. With the first music video of the project, "Thin Ice" getting more than 17 thousand views on youtube, it was clear we aren't the only ones who think Global Menace has a truly unique sound. Like any other upcoming artist though, we had to design this marketing campaign as creatively as we could to work with our tight budget constraints. For this reason we wanted to focus our efforts in the city of Pittsburgh, and utilize inexpensive guerrilla marketing techniques. We are planning to begin releasing bits and pieces immediately, and have a tentative album release date of February 2022, so be sure to follow both @304cinemas and @_global_menace on IG for daily updates!

Thin Ice Music Video

The "Thin Ice" video has been our most recent, and most ambitious video yet, but not for long... "Thin Ice" is now available on streaming services as the first single off "Have a Good Day"!

"Out Here" Visualizer

Listen to "Thin Ice", "Out Here", and "Have A Good Day" Now!

Thin Ice Cover Art 3.png
Out Here Cover Art0.png

Have A Good Day Album 360 Tracklist 

"MAX SPEED" Visualizer

"Global Menace" Album

Don Quixote Music Video

Throughout the years I've had the pleasure of collaborating with GM several times, from our first video "Nightmares" to our most recent "Thin Ice" video. Now that we have both been honing our craft for so long, I can't help but get excited for this next project together. 

Infamy Music Video

Global Menace
1st Album

GM Album Cover.jpg


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