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Build Your Own Visualizer

The "Build Your Own Visualizer" option is designed to let upcoming artist customize a visualizer to match their vision, and work with their budget. Choose from a plethora of different effect options and variables to create the vibe you want. The subject text in each visualizer rotates continuously on the Z-axis, and if secondary objects are selected, four of the objects will be independently animated in surrounding 3D space (See "BYO Visualizer Example 1" Stereos for reference). To preview all other available visualizer effect options, please click the corresponding effect preview buttons located at the bottom of this page.

Price: $44

BYO Visualizer Example 1

Visualizer options selected for this example:
-Text: "Title"
-Background: Pool
-Font: Disco
-Secondary Object: 80's Sterio
-Font Color: Soft Purple
-Text Material: Metal
-Overlays: None

BYO Visualizer Example 2

Visualizer options selected for this example:
-Text: "Title"
-Background: Clouds
-Font: Fancy
-Secondary Object: None
-Font Color: Pink
-Text Material: Metal
-Overlays: Particles

Visualizer Options

Upload File

To view visualizer effect examples, click the corresponding button below:

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